Lesson 1



  • 3 Straws per person
  • Rhythm instruments
  • Keyboard/Piano
  • Crayons 

1. Up - Opening song - “Say, What a Day!” 

2. Up - “Line and Space Notes” Song. Use 3 straws per person. During the dance break of the song, have the children stand on 1 straw (line note) or between the 2 straws (space note) as it is called out. Cartoon characters demonstrate. Line notes should have the straw under the middle of the foot. Space notes - feet between the straws. Hop off the straws during the drum break. 

3. Down - Do “Line and Space Notes” page. 

4. Up - Review - Play “Happy Birthday to Bob” at the piano.* 

*Disclaimer: Video Error - DO NOT copy the hand position. My mistake. I was trying to do puppetry and show the characters on the keys so the kids could see the landscape without my hand in the way. I didn’t realize that children would try and copy the hand position I came up with for operating puppets on video. Lesson learned thanks to parental feedback but, not before we did several videos which cannot be refilmed. Sorry!! 

5. Down – a. Story time - “Bob the Bear” review.

b. Listen to “Walk Bob Bear” song 

6. Down - “Walk Bob Bear” - Examine and play together with rhythm instruments.

7. Up - Becoming Familiar - Listen to “Great Big House”, sing along if you know the words. 

8. Up- Ending song, “Music Time is Over”. 

Between Lessons Assignment: Practice ‘Walk Bob Bear” without accompaniment 2 times and with accompaniment 1 time per practice session. Recommended number of practice sessions is five per week. 

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