Lesson 1



  • Rhythm Clapping Game
  • Rhythm instruments
  • Keyboard/Piano
  • Crayons 

Up - Opening song - “Say, What a Day!” 

2. Up - Play “Yankee Doodle” at the piano. 

3. Down - a. Rhythm Clapping Game song.
b. Play Rhythm Clapping Game with Miss Karri.


  • 4/4 time is Strong, Weak, Medium, Weak.
  • 3/4 time is Strong, Weak, Weak.
  • 2/4 time is Strong, Weak. 

4. Up - a. Becoming familiar with “Rocky Mountain”. Listen and sing along, if you know the song.

b. Sing “Hip, Hip, Hooray” with hand actions. 

5. Down – a. “Right Hand Cross and Tuck” - Complete page by filling in the missing finger numbers.

b. Football Fingers review right hand scale. Practice the right hand scale on the page. 

6. Up – (No Video) Play Right hand scale at the keyboards together. Pulse on the notes with a chant from the Lesson Plan appendix. 

7. Up - a. Becoming familiar with “Old Blue”. Listen and sing along, if you know the song.
b. Becoming familiar with “Old MacDonald”. Listen and sing along, if you know the song. 

8. Up- Ending song, “Music Time is Over”. 

Between Lessons Assignment:
1. Practice ‘Right Hand Tuck and Cross’ 3 times each practice session or day. Right Hand Chant is available in the appendix.
2. Play Rhythm Clapping Game at least once this week.

Recommended number of practice sessions is five per week. 

Student Book page:

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