150+ Discussion Questions for Morning Time Teens™

Questions to Ask After Reading Aloud!

150+ Discussion Questions for Morning Time Teens™

Morning Time Teens™ plans were written to help homeschoolers connect with their teens at the start of each day, before the students head off to do their independent work.

A wonderful activity to do during the "morning time" is to read aloud a book.

With this set of discussion questions, you can choose any book you’d like.

Either give the student the printed out page(s) with the discussion question(s) you’d like them to be considering during the reading, or save the questions and use as a guide to ask a few during your discussion time.

How many questions to ask?

It depends on how many students you have and how much time you want the discussion to take! One might be enough, or maybe up to 10.

What else to do during your discussion time to make it special?

  • Add food
  • Go to a park or someplace else outside
  • Go to a coffee shop or restaurant
  • Dress up as the characters from the book
  • Watch the movie of the story after the discussion if there is one

Do these questions have a specific answer?

Usually not. They are simply used to facilitate a discussion. In fact, they can even be used if the “questioner” (Mom or teacher) hasn’t read the book.

Where to learn more about Morning Time Teens™?

How many copies can I make?

Photocopies of lessons and notebooking pages may be made for only one household or classroom of children.

(A great company to get inexpensive printing is The Homeschool Printing Company.)

Can I use the discussion questions to teach at a school or co-op?

Purchase of the 150+ Discussion Questions for Morning Time Teens™ is only for one classroom at a school or one family in a household. To obtain a license to use in multiple classes at school or a homeschool co-op, click here.

What is morning time?

Morning time is when a homeschool family gathers all the kids together to do group activities such as read-alouds, projects, memorization, music, art, poetry tea time, presentations for each other, etc. before the kids head off to do independent work. It's also known as circle time, couch time, morning basket time, and other names.

What is Morning Time Teens™ ?

Since most morning time lesson plans focus mainly on the elementary ages, I wanted to create something meatier for my teenagers to make their last years in our homeschool meaningful. I plan to create others, but the first in the series is A Year With Lewis & Tolkien.

Morning Time Teens ™ are morning time plans for middle and high schoolers in the homeschool

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Gena Mayo
Gena Mayo

Gena Mayo is a homeschooling mom of 8 who has been teaching music in various forms for 30 years. She has a Bachelors degree in Music Education and a Masters degree in Vocal Pedagogy (teaching voice lessons). It has been her joy to teach elementary and junior high choir, high school voice classes, private voice lessons for teens through adults, early childhood music and movement classes (babies through preschool), elementary general music, and music appreciation for elementary through high school. But, her favorite music teaching experience has been as musical director for stage musicals such as Seussical, Shrek, Singing in the Rain, Newsies, and Beauty and the Beast. It is Gena's desire to help all homeschoolers easily include music in their homeschools!

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