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Welcome to KinderBach ~ Level 2 !

Lesson Structure:

KinderBach is divided into Levels. At present, we have 6 Levels of the curriculum.
Each Level has 10 weeks worth of teaching divided into 20 lessons. We find 30 weeks or 3 Levels fit comfortably within the school calendar year. The Lesson plans are for your convenience and may be altered, condensed, or otherwise changed to suit your needs. Each lesson plan should take about 15 to 20 minutes. Combine 2 lessons into one weekly lesson of about 45 minutes, and you will still have 30 weeks of material.

Up and Down:

Young children need to move. It helps keep their attention and separates activities. Sometimes kids just need a break from a concentration time. KinderBach lessons are not a ‘sit at the piano’ music lesson. In keeping with that philosophy, we have altered “Up” activities like standing to sing, action songs and playing the piano with “Down” activities like playing rhythm, coloring, page work and hearing instructions. The notation has more to do with energy level than actual physical pose. It still helps to accomplish the different energy by changing position from standing or playing piano (Up) to sitting on the floor or at a table (Down) so please follow the recommended moves in the lesson plan. These suggestions are not for comfort or ease but for the optimal presentation and understanding for the students. They need it.

Hello and Good Bye:

Standing to sing an opening and closing song defines music time from the rest of the
day. Playing the KinderBach song or singing “Hello My Friend” initiates the class. Singing “So Long Now” or “Music Time is Over” wraps up the lesson. Young children need these kinds of prompts to frame a particular time. It only takes a couple of minutes but it gives routine and a transition time for kids change their focus. A note for ‘Hello’ and ‘Bye’ is included in each session. If you plan to cover more than one session at a time, please disregard the extra songs.

What is the Copyright information?

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How many copies can I make?

Photocopies of lessons and notebooking pages may be made for only one household or classroom of children.

Can I use the course to teach at a school or co-op?

Purchase of the course is only for one classroom at a school or one family in a household. To obtain a license to use in multiple classes at school or a homeschool co-op, contact Gena Mayo at [email protected].

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Thank you and enjoy KinderBach ~ Level 2!

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Bio of Karri Gregor, KinderBach's creator:

- Author, Illustrator, Composer, Music Teacher

Karri Gregor is the founder of KinderBach, a piano-based music curriculum for children aged 2 to 7. She has authored and illustrated workbooks, videos, stories and composed songs using the characters she has created for the program. She recognized the need of young children to exercise their imaginations while learning music concepts and the parents’ need for enticing material that will hold a young child’s interest. Her passion is to provide many children with the opportunity of learning music on an instrument at the earliest possible age.

Karri enjoys a rich heritage of music and art. At a young age, her drawing skill was recognized and by the time she was a teenager, she was doing commissioned portraits. She attended Emily Carr School of Art in Vancouver, B.C. She then obtained BS in Studio Art with a minor in Drama. Karri still does portrait work and has branched out into metal engraving.

As customary in her family, Karri began piano, violin and voice lessons while still a young child. Karri’s family was very active in their local church. They often performed together, and she had many opportunities to sing solos or play piano. She developed an interest in theatre and enjoyed performing in school musicals. In high school, she obtained Level 8 Toronto Royal Conservatory of Music in piano and theory. 

After college, Karri became interested in teaching music because she wanted her own children to receive the benefits of a music education at a young age. She began teaching piano using the ‘Music for Young Children’ program and voice in 1997, building a studio of 150 students, whose average age was 5 years old. Many of her students have won international honors and have gone on to further musical education. In 2003, she became the Midwest Area Coordinator for MYC, conducting teaching training seminars and fostering a network for registered MYC teachers.

Karri’s husband, David, was transferred to a new position which required the family to move. They had already immigrated to the US in 1995 for work and knew that this would be another of several job changes. Relocation meant Karri’s music studio closed and, rather than start from scratch in a new city, she developed KinderBach so she could keep teaching no matter where they moved. With KinderBach, her students are not restricted by geography and homeschooling parents have the resource to provide piano-based music education to their preschool children in their own home.

KinderBach’s DVD curriculum, which has been used and loved in over 100 countries, is now streaming video lessons on the Music in Our Homeschool website.

Karri Gregor’s Memberships

  • ECMMA, Early Childhood Music and Movement Association
  • MENC, The National Association for Music Education
  • NAMTA, Northeast Area Music Teachers Association
  • MTNA, Music Teachers National Association
  • SCBWI, Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators
  • NAEYC, National Association for the Education of the Young Child
  • CMN, Children’s Music Network
  • MOPs, Mothers of Preschoolers, Mentor Mom

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