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Music in Our Homeschool Plus:

MIOH+ makes it EASY for homeschool moms to include music as part of their elementary homeschool curriculum!

  • Full Access to ALL 16 Elementary Music Courses at (including new elementary courses added during the time you are a member)
  • A Monthly Calendar of Music Activities, Games, and Lessons so you know exactly what to do each weekday--just click and go!
  • Beginning Music Theory Lessons! A highly sought-after course that is only found here in the elementary membership.
  • Music Printable Pack Library

  • A brand new Exclusive 15-Minute Music Lesson from Gena each month. (Early 2021 will focus on learning the instruments of the orchestra; in the summer, we'll be doing beginning piano instruction; and in the fall, more beginning music theory fun!)
  • Bonus video lessons from other amazing educators.
  • A Community of Like-Minded Educators to share ideas, ask questions, and post "wins"!
  • A Monthly $25 Cash Giveaway!
  • 25% Discount to every other course available at (There are 12 right now for high schoolers, for moms, beginning singing lessons, in Shakespeare, etc.!)

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Your Instructor

Gena Mayo
Gena Mayo

Gena Mayo is a homeschooling mom of 8 who has been teaching music in various forms for over 25 years. She has a Bachelors degree in Music Education and a Masters degree in Vocal Pedagogy (teaching voice lessons). It has been her joy to teach elementary and junior high choir, high school voice classes, private voice lessons for teens through adults, early childhood music and movement classes (babies through preschool), elementary general music, and music appreciation for elementary through high school. But, her favorite music teaching experience has been as musical director for stage musicals such as Seussical, Shrek, Singing in the Rain, Newsies, and Beauty and the Beast. It is Gena's desire to help all homeschoolers include music in their homeschools!

The Exclusive 15-Minute Music Lessons coming in 2021!:

(As a member, you can access ALL of these at any time.)

Musical Instruments:

  • January ~ String Family
  • February ~ Brass Family
  • March ~ Woodwind Family
  • April ~ Percussion Family
Beginning Piano Instruction:
  • June ~ Learn 4 Songs
  • July ~ Add chords to those songs
  • August ~ Learn improvisation techniques
Beginning Music Theory:
  • September ~ High and Low pitches with body scale
  • October ~ Practice with Dynamics
  • November ~ All About Tempo
Beginning Singing Lesson:
  • December ~ Christmas Carols

What do we do in the Summer?

ACTIVE musical activities for your kids:

  • Bucket Drumming
  • Body Percussion Activities
  • Singing Games
  • Hand-Clapping Games
  • For 2021: Piano Keyboard fun! (All you need is an inexpensive keyboard from a pawn shop if you don't have a piano.)

Let's keep those kids moving all summer!

"Hi, I'm A. from New England. I homeschool my kids 5, 11 and 13 with the CM [Charlotte Mason] method. We just love music and enjoy learning all different kinds. That has been one of our favorite things about the CM method, exposing us to music I didn't grow up listening to. I have enjoyed the classes of yours that I bought, which is why I joined. We do at least one weekly afternoon tea time and listen to your music units during that time and other times throughout the week. I'm happy to be here!"

~A happy MIOH+ member


Who would want to join the Music in Our Homeschool Plus membership?

A mom who says:

“Music is important . . . just hard to get done.”


“I like that my kids can go and do this on their own.”


“[Music] is one subject that just cannot be learned by books alone, and I am no expert on how to go about teaching it.”


“We are on a tight budget.”


"I'm looking for beginning music theory."

Who is already part of the Music in Our Homeschool Plus membership?

"I taught school from 1976-2011. I taught everything from PE, computers, PK, Special Ed, K-5, and Music. I love music and it was just natural to finish my teaching career teaching music to 500 kids-ages 3-grade 4. Now homeschooling my grandsons and Gena's courses are easy to use and so much fun!

I am using it as part of our morning basket time with my 12 year old grandson. He is not much into this part of music, but we try to get him as much "culture" as he can stand! We are doing Folk Songs and have done Special Days." ~ K.H.

"Hello! I'm a mom to 6 kids, 5 in elementary and 1 toddler. We live In Kenya and serve as missionaries. I am a math and science person and never studied music much in my youth. We have been really enjoying this program. It is great being able to provide an interesting and robust music education with no planning. I love what I am learning too!" ~ C.D.

"Hi, ... we live in Indianapolis and am currently homeschool a 3rd and 1st grader, pre-K (and we have an 11 month old foster baby!). My kids love all things music and so I'm trying to incorporate it early and often to keep their love for it going while also adding to their knowledge of it :)" ~ C.W.

"Hello, I am a Mother to 3 boys! All of them I homeschool. I am so glad I came across this program, I have had a hard time not only setting side time for a music class, but also putting together some type of lesson plan. This is wonderfully convenient and helpful. I love music and started my children out with classical music while I was still pregnant, and continued to expose them to the great composers as night time music at bedtime. Somewhere along the way I let the importance of music and the frequency of which we listened to it diminish but this program along with the guitar lessons we have planned, my children will hopefully gain the same love of music that I have had since I was a child. Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication to this subject and giving children the opportunity to learn and participate in this great program." ~ S.K.

"Hi, I'm a home school mama to four kids; my first is an adult now and my youngest is seven! My daughter started singing before she talked in sentences and music still runs through her blood. Music is such an international language! Recently, I read this article about the importance of music on our brains. It made me regret that my oldest never had any music lessons. I just came across MIOH this week and purchased it. ... Thank you for this course, Gena. I'm excited to incorporate it in to our home school." ~ K.S.

"I’m very excited to be here! I love Gena’s courses because I’m the non-musically-talented mom of 3 very musically talented kids. 😂 I come to learn alongside them. :)" ~ A.W.

"Thank you for this group and for making it affordable! I started playing piano when I was 8. In 5th grade, I staryed playing the clarinet. I sang in choir throughout school, including a members-only traveling choir for 2 years in college. (We also played the handbells - so much fun and many wonderfully fantastic memories.) While I have personal music experience, I do not have the confidence to teach music (A half credit course in teaching elementary music hardly prepares one to teach it.). Thank you again!" ~ A.E.

"I'm doing this for personal reasons. Haven't studied music in a long time." ~ J.L.



From a MIOH+ Member:

"I just wanted to share that my kids have Autism. (I have 8 with 5 on the spectrum.) I've been struggling to fit in actual teaching that will have meaning about music. I've been eyeing your lessons for a while and when I saw the $7 a month offer I knew I had to do this. The "White Christmas" lesson had history, the video and a coloring page. Those things tied it in for even my youngest, who struggle with spoken language but can sing. Because of all of this, is the reason why you have seen me all over the place praising and talking about your materials!"

~ Dana D.

This course is closed for enrollment.


The elementary music courses included in Music in Our Homeschool Plus:

  • 15-Minute Music Lessons for Elementary ($27)
  • Intro to Musicals for Elementary ($27)
  • State Songs of the 50 U.S. States for Elementary ($37)
  • Music of Christmas for Elementary ($47)
  • Music for Holidays & Special Days for Elementary ($57)
  • FALL Music for Holidays & Special Days for Elementary ($27)
  • WINTER Music for Holidays & Special Days for Elementary ($27)
  • SPRING Music for Holidays & Special Days for Elementary ($27)
  • SUMMER Music for Holidays & Special Days for Elementary ($27)
  • A Folk Song a Week for Elementary ($27)
  • 10 Songs All Preschoolers Should Know ($27)
  • American Music for Elementary ($37)
  • World Music for Elementary ($57)
  • My First Amazing Journey Around the World ($77)
  • Learn Classical Music With Cartoons ($37)
  • Rainy Day & Summer Camp Fun ($47)
  • plus Veterans Day Printable Pack ($10) and The Friendly Music Staff ($2) and the Sampler Music Appreciation course

Value: $634

The Music Printable Library includes:

  • Music Instrument Notebooking Pages set 219 pages ($10)
  • Music Practice Assignment Sheets 10 pages ($2)
  • The Star-Spangled Banner printable pack 15 pages ($2)
  • Alphabet Sheets with Musical Instruments or Topics 26 pages ($3)
  • Color and Cut Music Notes and Symbols 28 pages ($3)
  • Music Alphabet Handwriting Practice Sheets 26 printing pages, 26 cursive pages ($5)
  • Music Wordcloud
  • Composers to Study
  • 16 Simple Ways to Incorporate Music in Your Homeschool
  • Christmas Song Lyric sheets 14 pages ($2)
  • Twelve Days of Christmas pages 28 pages ($3)
  • Notes of the Treble & Bass Clef Manipulatives 13 pages ($2)
  • Percussion Musical Instrument printable pack 22 pages ($3)
  • Musical Color By Code 7 pages ($2)
  • Flash Cards of Music Notes, Symbols, & Terms 13 pages ($2)
  • Music and Math part 1
  • Body Percussion Musical Activities 22 pages ($3)
  • Bucket Drumming Rhythm Activities 18 pages ($3)
  • Singing Games and Hand-Clapping Games Lyric Sheets ($2)
  • Beginning Sight Singing with Solfege Hand Signs ($3)
  • Beginning Rhythm Counting with Flash Cards ($2)
  • Hand Clapping Games Lyric Sheets ($1)
  • Veterans Day Activity Guide, Lapbook, and Activity Pack ($10)
  • Beginning Sightsinging with Solfege Signs ($3)
  • Beginning Rhythm and Flashcards ($2)
  • Dynamics Flashcards ($1)
  • Learn About Music Intervals ($2)
  • Music Symbol Color by Code ($2)
  • String Family Instrument Pack ($2)
  • Brass Family Instrument Pack ($2)
  • Woodwind Family Instrument Pack ($2)
  • Study a Composer Printable Pack ($1)
  • Dynamics Flashcards ($1)
  • Brass Family Instrument Pack ($2)
  • Woodwind Family Instrument Pack ($2)
  • Percussion Family Instrument Pack ($2)
  • Keyboard Family Instrument Pack ($2)
  • Four Beginning Piano Songs

Value: $90+

Courses Included with Purchase

15-Minute Music Lessons
Quick, Fun, and Easy Music Appreciation Lessons for Elementary Students
Gena Mayo
Intro to Musicals for Elementary Students
Get a taste of 11 different musicals that you and your students will love!
Gena Mayo
Music Lessons for Holidays & Special Days
Do a fun and easy music lesson with your elementary students to prepare for different holidays and special days throughout the year!
Gena Mayo
Sampler Music Appreciation Course
25 Music Appreciation Lessons to Give You a Taste of What Learn.MusicinOurHomeschool has to offer!
Gena Mayo
State Songs of the 50 U.S. States
Listen to the State Songs of the 50 States of the U.S.A.
Gena Mayo
Music of Christmas Course
Fun Music Lessons to Get You & Your Kids in the Holiday Spirit
Gena Mayo
A Folk Song a Week
36 Folk Songs included , so learn one a week throughout a full school-year!
Gena Mayo
10 Songs All Preschoolers Should Know
Whether you remember these from your own childhood or not, your kids will adore them!
Gena Mayo
Fall Music Lessons for Holidays & Special Days
Fun & quick music lessons for the fall season of September through November (taken from the full course Music Lessons for Holidays & Special Days)
Gena Mayo
Winter Music Lessons for Holidays and Special Days
Fun & quick music lessons for the winter season of December through February (taken from the full course "Music Lessons for Holidays & Special Days")
Gena Mayo
Spring Music Lessons for Holidays & Special Days
Fun & quick music lessons for the spring season of March through May (taken from the full course "Music Lessons for Holidays & Special Days")
Gena Mayo
American Music for Elementary
Have fun learning about composers and styles of American music with your elementary-aged students.
Gena Mayo
Summer Music Lessons for Holidays & Special Days
Fun & quick music lessons for the summer season of June through August (taken from the full course "Music Lessons for Holidays & Special Days")
Gena Mayo
World Music for Elementary
Learn about traditional and folk instruments, folk dances, & traditional musical styles from all around the world.
Gena Mayo
Learn Classical Music with Cartoons
Learn all about classical music and composers the fun way -- by watching cartoons!
Kathy L. Gossen
My First Amazing Journey Around the World
Elementary World Geography Made Fun!
Kathy L. Gossen
Rainy Day & Summer Camp Fun for Elementary
Rainy Day Activities & Plans for Full-Week Summer Camps
Gena Mayo
Veterans Day Activity Guide, Lapbook, and Coloring Pages
Fun activities for elementary students to celebrate Veterans Day and honor veterans
Gena Mayo
The Friendly Music Staff
A song to learn the line and space notes of the music staff!
Marcia McCarry

Original Price: $634


This course is closed for enrollment.

Beginning Music Theory Course

This has been one of my most highly requested courses, and I've decided to host it right here within the Music in Our Homeschool Plus membership.

Throughout the year, new video lessons will be added, along with printables, manipulatives, or worksheets to practice the skills.

By the end of the course, your elementary student will know the basics of music theory, including note names, note types, scales, intervals, chords, rhythms, symbols, terminology, sight singing, ear training, and so much more! It's perfect as a stand-alone course or as a supplement to band, choir, orchestra, musical theater, or private music lessons of any type.


Course Curriculum

  Monthly Music Activity/Game/Lesson Calendars (a new one each month)
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Exclusive Monthly Lessons (a new one each month)
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Music Printable Library (more added each month)
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Discount Codes for Other Courses
Available in days
days after you enroll


Testimonials from Homeschool Moms, just like you!:

“Thank you so much for all that you do for your community! My children love your lessons.”

“I have seen my boys grow with the courses we have done. Thank you for making music possible in my homeschool.”

“Love your courses! I’ve used several and will continue to do so.”

“I love the idea of monthly memberships. Some of them are a bit more than our budget can afford, but I appreciate opportunities to supplement my kids’ education with other teachers and teaching styles. Online courses have been a good option for us, in a lot of cases, but I can’t wait to see what you’re going to be offering!”

“I have never done a ‘monthly membership' in my homeschool. Curious to see what this will be like!“

“I’ve been drooling over your courses that would fit perfectly on our Classical timeline which I created myself for my family!

“We’ve been going through the Folk Music course and my children love it. My 2 year old was singing ‘Down By the Bay’ yesterday at the library!”

“I think this would benefit my family greatly!”

“I do enjoy your courses and they have been a helpful supplement to our homeschool day.”


Bonus video lessons from amazing educators such as Cindy West!


More testimonials from Homeschool Moms, just like you!:

“This is awesome! Definitely great to get them interested in music and understanding music theory it at a young age!"

"Hopefully it would help mine WANT to continue to learn music. They are in beginner piano and, for now, it is like pulling teeth sometimes. (We'll get through it and hopefully with smiles by the end!)"

" I love how all the information is curated for us so we don’t have to spend lots of time searching multiple places."

"Includes all the lessons and it seems perfect for younger kids and up. It covers everyone 😍"

"The hands-on lessons look wonderful!"

"I love that everything is streamlined and easy to use. The hard work of making a schedule and organizing all the resources has been done for you. The curriculum is ready to go!"

"I love that it includes so many different elementary options...and a nice discount on classes for my high school student!"

"I love the content keeps getting updated so it doesn't get stale. the lessons are a manageable lengthening makes it easier to stick to! Thanks!!"

"Oh, my goodness! This whole program looks amazing! What a great opportunity! Short daily lessons with a calendar and so many other things to support it!"

"You have made music doable and a small part of the everyday."

"All looks awesome. The 50 songs of US States would be great for our state study!"

"My daughter loves musicals and my son is interested in drumming, so this looks promising for both of them."

"I like that the content keeps changing with new stuff continually added."

"I love that this is something BOTH my kids could use. We adopted a piano last year and I'd love my boys to learn how to play it 😍"

"I love that there is such a wide variety of lessons and it includes music theory and music appreciation."

"Just the making music so doable and interesting for r such a wide range of ages. This would help me do much since I have early elementary students and a high schooler."

"I'd be excited for beginner music theory!!! Once you learn basics of music the world is your oyster."

"Your 15 minute music lessons sound amazing! I’m starting piano lessons with my 7 year old soon and would love for her to learn more music!"

"I am just excited that it is a music lesson all together. I struggled with music this year."

"15 min music lessons yes great for little ones with short attention spans."

"My daughter would love bucket drumming. Anything that is loud!"

Answering Four Common Questions I Get about MIOH+:

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the membership work?
You get full access to every elementary-level course currently available at You will also receive a monthly calendar of music lessons, games, or activities to do each school day of the month; the Beginning Music Theory course lessons; access to all printables in the growing printable library; an exclusive new 15-Minute Music Lesson on video each month; bonus video lessons from other amazing educators; and access to all new elementary courses added while you're a member. Be sure to read the membership email that arrives each Sunday night!
How long does membership last?
You may cancel your membership subscription at any time. If you decide to rejoin at a later date, you can only rejoin during open enrollment times and at the new monthly or annual rate. If you join at a particular monthly or annual rate, it will remain at the same rate as long as you remain a member. In other words, if you join at the $16/month rate and later the cost increases to $20/month, you will still pay $16/month as long as you don't cancel your membership.
What if I am unhappy with the membership?
There are no refunds, but you may cancel at any time. You will remain a member for the month (or year) you have paid for, but you won't be charged the next month (or year). Instructions for cancelling are here:
How to contact Gena with a comment or question?
Copy and paste this link contact me: (Or, scroll to the footer of this page and click on "Contact Gena.")

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