The Homeschool Mom Music Bundle is a set just for the homeschooling parent!

You get 2 courses, a workshop, a challenge, and a planner ~ for 25% off purchasing each separately!

Lifetime access is included with each of the above resources included in this bundle.

1. Music 101 for Homeschool Moms Workshop:

Homeschool mom, are you struggling with including music in your homeschool since you don't know much about music yourself? Do you wish you had learned how to read music or at least could tell the difference between a clarinet and an oboe? Is it frustrating that you can't answer the basic music questions your kids ask you related to their new piano piece or a song they hear on the radio?

Then, you are going to LOVE the brand new Music 101 for Homeschool Moms Workshop!

(Pre-recorded videos from when it was taught live.)

Get the basics of music so you’ll feel more confident helping your kids learn this subject this year!

Each day’s class is around 40-60 minutes long.

Included is a workbook that you can share with your kids to help them learn, too!

2. Music Playlists for Homemaking

In the Music Playlists for Homemaking online course, find eleven playlists especially chosen to inspire you through twelve different categories of homemaking: Faith, In the Kitchen, Home Management, Budgeting and Finance, Intentional Living, Marriage, Motherhood/ Family/ Homeschooling, Time Management, Self Care, Work + Life Balance/ Work at Home, and Creativity. There is a mixture of classical, musical theater, and pop music.

3. Use Music to Grow in Your Faith

The Use Music to Grow in Your Faith online course is especially geared toward women and provides 15 different ways to use music to grow closer to God.

If you prayer or devotional life has become stale or non-existent, maybe music is what you need to encourage you to grow and be consistent again.

This course can show you how to use music to worship, memorize Scripture, journal, and meditate. You can use music to understand God better, pray more, and love Him whole-heartedly.

A journaling page is included to guide you through the course. Videos and links to resources such as sheet music are also included.

You will find yourself loving and worshipping the Savior in a fresh, new way after using the online course "Use Music to Grow in Your Faith!"

4. Homeschool Planner (undated version)

This undated Homeschool Planner includes 60 pages for all your planning needs! It has full monthly calendar pages with Sunday weekly start and Monday weekly start calendar pages both included.

Also, find special pages for

  • Homeschool Priorities
  • Homeschool Family Traditions
  • Homeschool Curriculum Budget
  • Meals of the Week
  • To-Do List
  • Party Planner
  • Acts of Kindness
  • 12 Days of Giving
  • Advent Traditions
  • Gift Ideas

5. The Tune Up Your Homeschool Challenge

(pre-recorded challenge originally taught live)

Part 1: First 30 Minutes Video Workshop


  1. We will discuss the purpose of this 2-hour challenge: To set up an organized and effective music education space in your homeschool for the upcoming school year.
  2. We will highlight the importance of music education: Gena will share the benefits of incorporating music into homeschooling and how it enhances children's learning and development.

Section 1: Planning the Music Space

  1. Assess your available space.
  2. Identifying your needs.
  3. Safety considerations.

Section 2: Choosing Instruments and Equipment

  1. Selecting suitable instruments (if required).
  2. Recommended audio equipment.
  3. Possible online resources.

Section 3: Organizing the Music Space

  1. Setting up storage solutions.
  2. Optimal room layout.
  3. Personalization and inspiration.

Section 4: Money matters

  1. Budgeting tips.
  2. Smart purchasing strategies.
  3. Out-of-the-Box ideas.


  1. Q&A
  2. Explain the challenge for getting set up during the next hour.

Part 2: One-Hour Set-Up-Your-Space Challenge

Part 3: Sharing Time and Final Thoughts

Share Time

  1. Share pictures of your set-up music space!
  2. Ask any other questions for Gena to answer.

Final Thoughts

Hi, I’m Gena Mayo

I'm a homeschool mom of eight and a music teacher!

I created Music in Our Homeschool, a website and online course portal, to help homeschooling families easily make music education an exciting part of their curriculum. It offers click-and-go courses, resources, and lesson plans for parents and educators to introduce music to students of all ages, making learning music fun and accessible at home.

With its user-friendly setup and expertly crafted content, Music in Our Homeschool is a fantastic resource for anyone looking to add the joy of music to their homeschooling experience.

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