How to Use

How to Use:

Welcome to Intro to Musicals!

Each "Lecture" in the course is a new lesson on a different musical. Plus, there is a bonus "What is a Musical?" lesson. Choose to go through one a day with your kids or spend a whole week (or longer) on each musical by delving deeper into the subject, watching the videos again, and exploring related resources and websites.

The lessons include one PDF worksheet or printable. These are optional, but you might find them useful to print out for your kids. There is also a short online quiz your kids can take at the conclusion of the lesson.

If you want to go beyond what you see here on the lessons, sometimes optional materials are referenced, such as books, DVDs, or CDs. If you can't find these at your library, I have linked to a place you can purchase them online. (These links are often affiliate links, which means that I will receive a commission if you purchase something.)

Finally, since every family is different in what you deem appropriate for your kids to watch or read, you may want to preview all videos and websites ahead of time. I did feel these were appropriate for my elementary-aged children (except for a few scenes in some of the musicals, which probably went over their heads).

Also, a couple of tips to keep things more clean with YouTube. If you are noticing that you are seeing some inappropriate ads, see this link which will give you ways to block advertisers. You might also need to clear your cookies/history. And be sure YouTube is set to restricted mode.

How many copies can I make?

Photocopies of lessons and notebooking pages may be made for only one household or one classroom of children per year.

(A great company to get inexpensive printing is The Homeschool Printing Company.)

Can I use the course to teach at a school or co-op?

Purchase of the course is only for one classroom at a school or one family in a household. To obtain a license to use in multiple classes at school or a homeschool co-op, contact Gena Mayo at [email protected].

What is the Copyright information?

© 2016-2023 Gena Mayo | I Choose Joy! Publishing | and

All rights reserved. No portion of this course may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted outside the immediate household in any form or by any means—electronic, mechanical, photocopy, recording, scanning, or other—except for brief quotations in critical reviews or articles, without the prior written permission of the publisher.


I welcome any comments of suggestions you may have to improve this course or ideas for future courses. Just "comment" on any lesson and I'll get it. Please take a moment to leave a comment any time you find a broken link or unwatchable video. I would like to fix those immediately!

Thank you and enjoy your Intro to Musicals lessons!

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Learn.MusicinOurHomeschool contains links from a number of affiliate programs. If you click on these links and make a purchase, I may receive a commission. This does not cost you any more, and it helps cover costs associated with running the website. I am honest in my review of the products and only recommend products I would actually find useful myself.

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