"James and the Giant Peach" the Musical

Background Information about the Musical:

James and the Giant Peach, the book, was written by Roald Dahl in 1961. A film version was made in 1996, and the musical version written by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul premiered in 2010.


Poor little James’ parents die and he is sent to live with his two aunts who don’t love him one bit, but instead treat him as a slave. One day he meets a mysterious old man who gives James a potion to drink. The potion accidentally spills on a peach tree, and its magic causes a peach and some insect inhabitants to grow to an immense size. James ends up inside the peach with his new friends and goes on adventures across the ocean and through the air from England all the way to America.


  • James Henry Trotter
  • The Old Man/Narrator
  • Aunt Spiker
  • Aunt Sponge
  • The Centipede
  • The Earthworm
  • The Old Green Grasshopper
  • The Lady-bug
  • Miss Spider

Listen to some of the songs:

"Shake it Up:

"Everywhere That You Are"

"Floatin' Along"


Listen to James and the Giant Peach, the Musical:

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The full musical performed by an amateur Children’s Theater:

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