Lesson 1



  • Floor keyboard & D houses (find in Teaching Aids) or Keyboard/piano
  • Crayons

1. Up - Opening song, “Hello, My Friend” Introduction time 

2. Up- Activity: The High Low Listening game

Play and dance to the music. Students (AND Adults) raise their hands up when the music is high and get down as low as possible when the music is low. This game should end with everyone lying on the floor and giggling.

3. Down - Keyboard geography and Dodi’s House story.

4. Up - (No Video) Find the two black keys (Dodi’s house) on the piano keyboard. There is more than one Dodi house on the keyboard. Try to find them all.

5. Up - Sing “Where is Finger 1?” Find fingers as they are called out by number in the song.

6. Down - (No Video) Color Dodi’s House page ( Intro D house, download is below)

7. Up - Ending song, “Music Time is Over” 

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