New Zealand

New Zealand

Today, learn about a famous song from New Zealand called “Pokarekare Ana”, the Maori Poi dance, and an instrument called the pūtōrino.

“Pokarekare Ana”

“Pokarekare Ana” may be New Zealand’s best-known song. It originated some time around World War I. The lyrics tell the tale of two people in love, separated by water that will never be strong enough to keep the two apart.

The Maori Poi Dance:

The dance form called "poi" uses weights on the ends of tethers which are swung through the air in rhythmical patterns. Watch in this video below. And, then, you might want to make your own poi tethers with weights and try to dance with them yourself!

Dance the Poi Dance:

If you don't have a poi, you can either make one (see video at end of this lesson) or just use a piece of string, a bandana, a scarf, or something similar!

A wind instrument called pūtōrino:

Optional Activity: Make a Maori Poi craft

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