Slovakia, Slovenia, and Serbia

Slovakia , Slovenia, and Serbia:

We'll look at some music from three different countries today.


Listen to the fujara. (See notebooking page below.)

Instrument Family: Woodwind

Country of Origin: Slovakia

Facts: The fujara is a large type of flute and has three holes on the front. In the past, shepherds played the fujara for recreation. Now, it is popular in Slovak folk festivals.


Watch some Slovenian folk dancing, including a couple of musical games, and a boy playing and singing a Slovenian folk song below.

Slovenian Folk Dancing

Here is a sweet song by a boy singing and playing a Slovenian folk song on the accordion.


See the notebooking page for the Slavik gusle (a single-stringed instrument played in a vertical position, with a deeply curved bow) Then, listen to this young lady play it and sing. (She performs from 1:15-3:15).)

Optional Activity: Decorate Slovakian Easter Eggs with Melted Crayons!

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