Optional Resources to Round Out Your World Geography Study

Optional Resources to Round Out Your World Geography Study

You can find links to many of these products below in my Amazon store here: Geography Resources and Geography Picture Books!


Globes, Maps, Atlases

Stories from Around the World


Arts and Crafts

Costumes, Native, or Folk Dress



Quiz games

World Religions. See this site to learn about world religions from a conservative Christian point of view. Alternately, see Wikipedia.

Missionary biographies

More Geography Resources:

  • Mystery of History: (History audiobook)
Audiobook of Audiobook of The Mystery of History

  • Notebooking Pages
"World Maps Notebooking Pages"
"Country Study Notebooking Pages"

  • Funda Funda Academy

"Around South America in 30 Days" online course

Geography course for Elementary Students. Years 1 and 2.

Wondermaps maps software

  • Homeschool in the Woods:

Digital copy of World Maps

  • You ARE an Artist

You ARE an Artist Complete Clubhouse is an Art membership, which includes lessons for the World Landmarks series. Membership includes access to all lessons and to exclusive series: Maps, World Landmarks, Hymns, Famous Artists, Presidents and much more.

  • "My First Amazing Journey Around the World" (Geography curriculum)
My First Amazing Journey Around the World is a full-year elementary world geography online course that will be housed at Music in Our Homeschool.
Come along with Sam, a 5th-grade boy from Oklahoma in the USA, as he embarks on a world-wide adventure with his uncle Scott. They will travel the rain forests of South America, the mountains of Asia, and even the sophisticated castles of Europe. Throughout the journey, Sam will share all sorts of fun things he's learning about 60+ countries of the world. including cultural traditions, favorite foods, famous landmarks, and more.
This course makes geography come alive like never before as it points beyond traditional geographical information to God’s heart for ALL people! Come join the journey!

  • Captivating Compass courses:

Let's Study Dickens' Victorian England

Description: One of the best places to study Charles Dickens is in London. Specifically the Bloomsbury neighborhood. Combine the Let's Study Dickens Victorian England unit study with the London For Families Bloomsbury Travel Guide. You can learn like a local with the Dickens' London Bundle.

How To Turn Any Homeschool Curriculum Into A Family Travel Adventure
Description: You really can use the world as your classroom with this online, eight module course! Enrich your homeschool by planning staycations, family days out, or epic family adventures based on your homeschool curriculum. Choose a travel destination and plan your homeschool with a family trip in mind. Learn how to utilize virtual learning in your homeschool as a way to inspire, educate, and plan the next family travel adventure.

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