Complementary Memberships

Are you looking for other memberships to use in your homeschool alongside FIOH+?

Here are my recommendations. (I have personal experience with all of these.)


Masterpiece Society Studio Membership

The Masterpiece Society Studio Membership isn't always open, but click here to check and see! Sign up for the waitlist if it isn't.

Alisha is a wonderful, patient, and talented art teacher. We love her style for my kids of all ages (elementary through high school), plus me!

  • Step-by-step drawing lessons
  • Simple handicraft lessons (sewing, embroidery, crochet)
  • Oils, acrylics, pastels, watercolors, and more
  • Virtual Paint Party nights
  • Masterpiece Moms art lessons
  • ALL courses plus exclusive content

Individual art courses are always available for purchase here.

Beyond the Stick Figure:

Sally of Beyond the Stick Figure leads the April 2021 masterclass to help you create two amazing Pen & Ink projects.

Check out all the art courses and memberships she provides here.

Ready to keep creating? Online Art for Kids offers unlimited access to an ever-growing library of art lessons, courses, and projects in pen & ink, watercolor, acrylic paint, 3D design, and drawing. Through step by step instruction and incremental lessons, you can nurture your inner art genius and become the accomplished artist that you have always wanted to be!

They have temporarily dropped the price of Online Art for Kids subscription to just $9 per month PLUS a two-week free trial! This offer is available only until April 6th, 2021 when doors for Online Art for Kids will close for a couple of months to spruce up and improve the membership. You will still have access to everything included in the subscription during that time, however, no new families will be able to join.

Book Clubs (for literature credit):

The Society of Literary Adventurers provides you with the tools to engage your teen in the classics and give them all they need to earn a high school literature credit. It's an amazing way to inspire your teenagers to read again and still sneak in grammar, spelling, vocabulary, and even writing projects!

  • Easy to Follow Instructions
  • Online Format
  • Manageable Assignments - We break up the reading and other assignments into weeks, so students don't feel overwhelmed.
  • Use of Technology - YouTube, Quizlet, Games, and other teen-friendly apps.
  • Rabbit Trails - These lessons are interesting parallel studies about science, history, culture, and more.
  • Magic Dust - Most weeks include a hands-on exploration into the book. They can be experiments, art & crafts, cooking or baking, and many more creative projects.
  • Party School! - At the end of each month, we celebrate with a party specific to the literature we've just studied.

The Homeschool Sisterhood for Moms:

This unique membership called the Homeschool Sisterhood (which isn't always open for enrollment) is for moms and families to provide:

  • Mom Encouragement
  • Masterclasses for moms
  • Family workshops
  • Book clubs for all ages, including teens!
  • Habit training focus of the month
  • Monthly Homeschool expert interview and Q&A

The Homeschool Garden Morning Time:

The Homeschool Garden membership will . . .

  • Bring delight to your homeschool
  • Simplify your homeschool
  • Add truth, goodness, and beauty to your days
  • Provide curated resources such as poetry, read-alouds, art, and composer study
  • It's mainly written for younger ages, but see how this mom uses it for high school

The Homeschool Garden Yearly Members have access to all the current morning time sessions and all new sessions for as long as you are a member. New sessions are released 6 times a year – in January, March, April, June, August, and October. Yearly members also receive a 25% discount on all their other homeschool products and courses.