Lesson 6: Australia

Today I'm learning a lot about Australia's history. We've been visiting the Australian Museum in Sydney which tells all about Australia's history and culture. I think one of the most interesting things about Australian culture is the Aborigines. This native people group is so fascinating. While they've started to mix their culture with the cultures of different immigrants from all over the world, they have kept many of their traditions in tact. I think it would be so cool to meet some of them.

Australia History and Culture

Poem of the Week:

I Love This Land Australia

I love this Land Australia of gum and wattle tree
This vast and sunlit Continent is home from home for me
And though I come from a distant Land when I have had my day
Than underneath Australian soil where better place to lay.

I love this Land Australia home of the kangaroo
Of echidna and wombat, platypus and cockatoo
Of lorikeet and rosella, koala, possum and emu
And other unusual birds and animals as I've mentioned just a few.

I like Australian people if poor man make good they say
The man he is a battler, good on him anyway,
In Land of wedge tailed eagle there's rooom to spread one's wings
And in the lucky country the battler is a king.

I love this Land Australia it's home from home for me,
Home of the kookaburra and gum and wattle tree
And bell bird and bell magpie who through the Winter sing
A Winter oft times milder than Ireland in the Spring.

I love this Land Australia of sunshine and bird song
And with each passing day my love for this great Country grow more strong
And though I come from a distant Land when I have had my day
Than underneath Australian soil where better place to lay.

Francis Duggan

Putting What You've Learned Into Practice:

  • Find Australia on a globe and world map
  • Add the Australia sticker to your passport (If using the Ultimate Sticker Book for your flag stickers, place the large flag sticker in your passport and the small flag sticker on Australia in the sticker book. Repeat this pattern for all the countries as we reach them).
  • Choose one of the following activities to review what you've learned:
    • 2-1. In your journal, write down two things you learned today and one thing you want to know as a result of today's lesson.
    • Tell all. Give an aural summary of what you've learned today to your teacher or parent. Need help getting started? Use the 5 W's. Who was today about? What did you learn? When did something happen in the history of the country? Where is the country located? Why do you think certain animals live in this country?
    • Quiz Mastermind. In your journal, create a 4 question quiz someone should be able to answer based on what you learned today. Be prepared to provide the answers when you show the questions to your teacher.
    • Advertise it. Write a commercial or jingle about the country you learned about today.

Take It Even Further:

  • Color an Australian Flag
  • Choose a book to read from this week's book basket.
  • If you own the World Music for Elementary course, do the Australia music lesson.
  • Play Kanteen with friends (This game is also called the ‘kangaroo-play’ because the players jumping up to catch the ball resemble the movements of a kangaroo. Keentan is known by the Kalkadoon nation in north-west central districts of Queensland.)

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