Self-Paced Online Courses to Easily Get Music & More into Your Homeschool

Since most homeschool moms don't have the time or expertise to teach music in their homeschools, we offer click-and-go , super easy-to-use music appreciation courses for all ages, so every homeschool mom can include music! Find Music Appreciation, Music History, Beginning Singing & Recorder, Hymn Study, Composer Study, 15-Minute Music Lessons, Musicals, Christmas, Music Theory, and Memberships! Take a look at the Free Preview lessons for each course.

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Welcome to Music in Our Homeschool!

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Welcome to Music in Our Homeschool!

Feel free to email Gena to get suggestions if you don't know what to start with! ([email protected])

Here are the courses, printable packs, and memberships currently available:
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All Ages:
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Tapestry of Grace:

Do you use the Tapestry of Grace curriculum? Here are the 3 music appreciation/history courses written to be used with Years 2, 3, and 4. They are at a high school (rhetoric) level, but can easily be simplified for middle school or elementary (dialectic, upper grammar, or lower grammar). I have personally taught the courses at a Tapestry of Grace in-person co-op and to my own kids at home!

Year 4: 20th Century Music Appreciation for High School online course