Bringing you a quality music education that you can easily integrate into your homeschool -- today!

Since most homeschool parents don't have the time or expertise to teach music in their homeschools, we offer click-and-go , super easy-to-use music appreciation courses for all ages, so every homeschool parent can include music!

Find Music Appreciation, Music History, Beginning Guitar, Beginning Recorder, Beginning Singing, Hymn Study, Composer Study, 15-Minute Music Lessons, Musicals, Christmas, Music Theory, and a Membership!

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I Get You!

I’m not only a music teacher, I’m a veteran homeschooling mom of 8. So, I get it! Including music education in your homeschool, along with everything else you have to teach and do in your home, can get a bit overwhelming. Add that you don’t know how to teach music, where do you even start? I’m here to bring all homeschoolers a quality music education. Yes, it’s possible to include music in your homeschool!

Does This Sound Like You?

  • You wish you could provide more for your homeschooled students?

  • You feel defeated because you don’t know anything about music or how to answer your kids’ questions?

  • You think all other homeschoolers know what they’re doing and you don’t?

  • You feel confused, ill-equipped, and unsuccessful as a homeschooler?

I’m Gena Mayo

And I know exactly how feeling

ill-equipped and unsuccessful as a

homeschooler feels because

I’ve been there too.

I’ve been homeschooling since 2000 and teaching music even longer. I realized about 10 years ago that I know exactly how to help my fellow homeschoolers by bringing easy-to-use, no prep, affordable, quality music lessons of all types to your homeschool students, of all ages, preschool through high school!

Free Preview Lessons

Try out a free preview lesson for every course! See all courses here.

Go from confused, ill-equipped, and not doing music in your homeschool


successfully implementing music every week with quality and growth!

Feel free to email Gena to get suggestions if you don't know what to start with!

The Suggested Order of MIOH Courses

There is a resource that has been requested by many of you for years

but I always resisted it

because I want homeschoolers to have the freedom to choose what to teach

and when to teach it.

But, I finally realized that it was something many homeschoolers wanted!

So, here you go:

Download a pdf copy here.

Age 3:

Age 4:

K/Age 5:

1st/Age 6:

2nd/Age 7:

3rd/Age 8:

4th/Age 9:

5th/Age 10:

6th/Age 11:

7th/Age 12:

8th/Age 13:

9th/Age 14:

10th/Age 15:

11th/Age 16:

12th/Age 17:

Other Ideas to Substitute for the Above:

Download a pdf copy here.