Complementary Memberships

Are you lookng for other memberships to use in your homeschool along-side MIOH+?

Here are my recommendations. (I have personal experience with all of these.)


Masterpiece Society Studio Membership

The Masterpiece Society Studio Membership isn't always open, but click here to check and see! Sign up for the waitlist if it isn't.

Alisha is a wonderful, patient, and talented art teacher. We love her style for my kids of all ages (elementary through high school), plus me!

  • Step-by-step drawing lessons
  • Simple handicraft lessons (sewing, embroidery, crochet)
  • Oils, acrylics, pastels, watercolors, and more
  • Virtual Paint Party nights
  • Masterpiece Moms art lessons
  • ALL courses plus exclusive content

Individual art courses are always available for purchase here.

Chalk Pastel Complete Clubhouse Membership

The "You Are an ARTist" Complete Clubhouse Membership is always available to join. Nana is the grandma we all wish she had! We adore her and the way she teaches chalk pastel painting with passion.

There are 3 different levels of membership: Complete Clubhouse, Clubhouse, or History.

The History membership gives you access to all "I Drew It Then I Knew It" history lessons from ancient to modern times.

The other two options give you more art lessons including

  • Getting Started Video Art lessons
  • "I Drew It Then I Knew It" science and hymns
  • Chalk Pastel lessons for composers, maps, world landmarks
  • Chalk Pastels at the Movies
  • Community
  • More!


No Sweat Nature Study Live from Cindy West of Our Journey Westward is another membership that is always open. My kids have been doing the live lessons twice a month with Miss Cindy for over a year. She is so knowledgable about science and teaches it in a way my elementary kids can really relate to. They ALWAYS look forward to her lessons! Personally, I love having someone else take on the science lessons once in a while and doing it in a nature study/Charlotte Mason style.

The Homeschool Sisterhood for Moms:

This unique membership called the Homeschool Sisterhood (which isn't always open for enrollment) is for moms and families to provide:

  • Mom Encouragement
  • Masterclasses for moms
  • Family workshops
  • Book clubs for all ages
  • Habit training focus of the month
  • Monthly Homeschool expert interview and Q&A