FAQ I'm asked about MIOH+

Do you recommend using the phone or laptop or tablet to do these lessons? I have little 3 kids & I like to put lessons on the TV casted from my phone.

My ultimate recommendation is to do what you're saying and screencast (share) it to a larger screen such as a TV. That's what I do with my kids! But, for years I didn't have that option, so I would do whatever I had--on my phone, tablet, or laptop depending on the day or where we were (sometimes sitting in the car while one kid was doing a piano lesson or class!). I just wanted them to have some music education, and it worked.

I cannot find the "Teachable" app in Google play. I have Samsung phone. Do you have a picture of what the app looks like in the Google play store?

I just discovered that Teachable only has an iOS app at present. I hope they'll add one for Android phones soon! In the meantime, you can still log into your MIOH+ account on your phone and play the lessons for your kids through it. Https://MusicinOurHomeschool.com/calendar

It states that we'll have lifetime access, but that is if we only continue to pay the membership fee, right?

Yes, that is basically correct. If you purchase a course separately, you will always have access to it. But, if you only have a particular course (or courses) as part of the membership, you will lose access to those when you cancel the membership.

As we continue to pay membership will we have access to any new content that may develop in the future? The courses already are very impressive.
Thank you! Yes, certain courses I develop will be added to the membership. I've added many in the last couple of years. This year I have plans to add at least one course to the membership. And, I will continue to improve the ones that are already there.

There's so much content to look through. Is it basically I pay for the membership and all access to ALL the courses instead of having to pay for each individual course?
Yes, one of the main benefits of being a member is that you have access to so many options without having to pay for each individual course. There are even a couple of courses and features that are NOT available to the public and are ONLY inside the membership: Beginning and Advanced Music Theory, the Fine Arts Masterclasses course for high school, and the monthly LIVE lessons that are recorded for viewing anytime.

What courses are not included in the membership?
Members receive a 25% off discount to purchase lifetime access to any courses not included in the membership. There is a new discount code each month. Scroll down in your membership dashboard to find it. Here are the courses that are NOT included in MIOH+:
All Ages:
Morning Time Teens ™

Printable Packs that aren't about music:

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