2024 Live Monthly Music Lesson Schedule

The Live Workshops Coming in 2024:

(As a member, you can access ALL of these at any time after they are taught live.)

**Times and Dates subject to change
  • January: Rogers & Hammerstein (Jan. 17, 2024 at noon CT)
  • February: Ludwig van Beethoven (Feb. 21, 2024 at noon CT)
  • March: Johannes Brahms (March 19, 2024 at noon CT)
  • April: Aaron Copland (Apr. 17, 2024 at noon CT)
  • May: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (May 15, 2024 at noon CT)
  • June: Scott Joplin (June 19, 2024 at noon CT)
  • July: Frederic Chopin (July 17, 2024 at noon CT)
  • August: Igor Stravinsky (Aug. 21, 2024 at noon CT)
  • September: Clara Schumann (Sept. 18, 2024 at noon CT)
  • October: Amy Beach (Oct. 16, 2024 at noon CT)
  • November: Hans Zimmer (Nov. 20, 2024 at noon CT)
  • December: Franz Liszt (Christmas Tree Suite) (Dec. 11, 2024 at noon CT)

More Ideas from a Survey of members that we might do in the future! (I did choose the 2023 and 2024 composers from the survey.):

Hymn Study


Classical Conversations Cycle 2

James Swearingen

How to choose the right musical instrument for your child


Modern Christian Artist


Pop/Current Music

Musical theater

Music for sensitive ears

Synthesized or EDM styles

Edmond Dede

Music from marvel movies

Music from Disney musicals

String instruments

Canadian songs

Rockabilly or bluegrass

Singing in rounds.

Elton John music

Percussion around the world

Stokowski's conducting and interpretations. His recordings of Night on Bald Mountain, among others, are incredible! He's one of the few conductors who really did something amazing.

An intro to different genres


Christian pop music artists (Newsboys, DC talk)

Western music-moving westward/cowboy songs


Robert Schumann

Artists by Decades

Bela Bartok


Music from the Revolutionary War period

Leopold Stokowski

Drum circles

Ancient Music and musical instruments


Nationalism in music

Complete and Continue